These sheets are made from flexible graphite laminated to tanged stainless steel. They are ideal for high temperature applications and have excellent resistance to steam and most chemicals.

Application conditions:
Temperature range: -200°C to 450°C
Maximum temperature in inert atmosphere: 700°C
Maximum pressure: 150 bar
pH range: 0-14
Compressibility: 35% ASTM F36

Technical Data
Recovery ASTM F36 17%
Stress Resistance DIN 52913 49N/mm2
Permiability To Nitrogen DIN 3535/6 < 0.05 mg/s.m
Ash Content of Graphite DIN 51903 < 2%
Chloride Content DIN 28090-2 < 50ppm
Fluoride Content FSA NMG 203-89 < 50ppm
Sulphur Content of Graphite < 1000ppm

Sheet Size 1000mm x 1000mm
Thickness 1.0mm - 3.0mm
Temperature Limit -200°C 240°C 
Application  Steam & Most Chemicals

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