Quick Wrapped Expansion Joint

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Expansion joins in an open band, easy to store, easy to make fast reparations in case of shut down or unexpected beakdowns. Quick expansion joints in an open band allow solutions to those difficult situations with a high quality joint design to the suitable application. It is available in different width (250mm, 350mm & 450mm) depending on installation and maximum temperature of the application up to 500ºC.

MONTERO´S expansion joints are mostly used in boilers, industrial furnaces, cement plants, power plants, cogenerations, paper industries and general industry in order to absorb vibrations in ducts, pipes and equipments with air up to 1200ºC temperatures and pressures less than 1 bar.

Expansion Joint Selection
Installation Width 150-200mm 200-300mm 300-400mm 400-550mm
Real Expansion Width 250mm 350mm 450mm 600mm

Width 250mm, 350mm & 450mm
Length 50m
Temperature 500°C
Applications High Temperature Applications