Hawleys’ Lagging category offers a specialized range of products designed to protect and insulate your industrial piping and valves. Perfect for high-temperature applications, our lagging solutions are essential for any setup within the steam and boiler industry, as well as other sectors requiring reliable thermal management.

  • Lagging Blanket: Our ceramic lagging blankets are ideal for boiler and high-temperature applications. These blankets provide superior insulation, helping to maintain energy efficiency and protect against heat loss in extreme environments.
  • Lagging Rope: Made from high-quality fiberglass, our lagging ropes offer excellent thermal resistance up to 550°C. They are perfect for sealing and insulating gaps in furnace doors, boiler doors, and other areas where conventional seals might fail due to high heat.
  • Lagging Webbing and Ladder Tape: These products are crafted from durable fiberglass and are designed to withstand temperatures up to 550°C. The webbing is ideal for wrapping pipes and valves, offering flexibility and protection, while the ladder tape’s unique construction allows for expansion and contraction, making it perfect for high-temperature applications that require a secure fit around irregular shapes.

Lagging products are not only effective in maintaining temperature and energy efficiency but also play a crucial role in safety by reducing the risk of burns and other injuries in high-heat environments. Browse our selection to find the ideal solution for your industrial needs, ensuring your systems are insulated with the highest quality materials available.


What is lagging in industrial applications?

Lagging refers to the use of insulative materials to cover pipes, boilers, or valves to reduce heat loss, control surface temperature, or protect personnel. It is commonly used in high-temperature environments such as steam and boiler industries to enhance efficiency and safety.


What types of materials are used in lagging products?

Our lagging products are primarily made from high-grade materials like fiberglass and PTFE, which are chosen for their excellent thermal resistance and durability. These materials can withstand extreme temperatures while providing reliable insulation and sealing.


How is Fibreglass Rope used in lagging applications?

Fibreglass Rope Lagging is designed for high-temperature sealing applications. It is used to insulate and seal gaps in boiler doors, furnace doors, and other industrial enclosures where high temperatures are common. The rope can withstand temperatures up to 550°C, making it ideal for effective lagging and sealing.


What are the benefits of using Fibreglass Ladder Tape in lagging?

Fibreglass Ladder Tape is used for wrapping pipes and valves in high-temperature areas. Its ladder construction allows for flexibility and expansion, making it perfect for wrapping irregular shapes and sizes while providing excellent thermal insulation up to 550°C.


Can PTFE Stem Seal be used for high-temperature applications?

Yes, PTFE Stem Seal is designed for both high-pressure (up to 140 bar) and high-temperature (up to 260°C) applications. It is ideal for valves and fittings in steam systems, offering excellent chemical resistance and a pH range of 0-14, ensuring durability and integrity in various industrial settings.


What is the purpose of Quick Wrapped Expansion Joint?

Quick Wrapped Expansion Joints are used to accommodate movement and provide insulation in pipe systems subjected to high temperatures (up to 500°C). They are typically employed in industries where thermal expansion in piping systems can cause alignment issues or mechanical stress.


When should I choose Fibreglass Woven Web Tape for lagging?

Fibreglass Woven Web Tape is recommended for insulating and protecting high-temperature pipes and valves. It's effective in environments where temperatures reach up to 550°C, providing a durable and flexible covering that helps maintain system efficiency and safety.


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