Our Level Gauge Spares cater to a wide variety of needs and are compatible with many well-known brands including Klinger, Bonetti, and Mala. Whether you’re looking for spindles, sealing gaskets, or protective mica shields for transparent gauges, our comprehensive inventory is sure to have the right fit for your machinery.

What you can find in our Level Gauge Spares category:

Graphite Packing Sleeves (AB Series): Ideal for high-temperature and high-pressure environments, these sleeves are compatible with a range of level gauges from brands like Klinger and Bonetti.

EPDM Cones for Gauge Glass: These cones provide excellent resistance against steam and water, making them perfect for harsh conditions.

Stainless Steel Spindles and Components: Crafted from 316 stainless steel, our spindles offer corrosion resistance and durability, suitable for Klinger, Bonetti, and Officine systems.

MICA Shields and Sealing Gaskets: Extend the life of your gauge glasses with our protective MICA shields and robust sealing gaskets, available in multiple sizes to suit your specific application.

Brass Neck Bush and Stainless Steel Protector Plates: Enhance the structural integrity of your gauge mounts with these durable components.


When do we use level gauge spares?

Level gauge spares are used when parts of a level gauge, which is a device used to measure the level of fluids in tanks and vessels, need replacing due to wear and tear, damage, or efficiency upgrades. These spares are crucial for maintaining the accuracy, safety, and longevity of the gauge system in various industrial environments, including chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and energy production.


What kind of level gauge spares can Hawleys offer?

Hawleys offers a wide range of level gauge spares that cater to diverse industrial needs. Our offerings include:

  • Graphite and EPDM packing sleeves
  • Stainless steel spindles and collets
  • MICA shields for transparent gauges
  • Brass neck bushes and stainless steel protector plates
  • Sealing gaskets for reflex and transparent gauge glasses

These components are designed to be compatible with a variety of gauge brands and models, ensuring high quality and reliability.


What is the use of a packing sleeve?

A packing sleeve in a level gauge serves as a sealing element that prevents leaks and maintains pressure within the gauge. Typically made from materials like graphite, it is resistant to high temperatures and corrosive materials, making it essential for maintaining the integrity and functionality of the level gauge in harsh operating conditions.


Does every water level gauge need an EPDM cone for gauge glass?

Not every water level gauge requires an EPDM cone for gauge glass; the necessity depends on the type of gauge and the specific industrial environment. EPDM cones are used to provide a tight seal around the gauge glass in steam and water applications, protecting it from external pressures and temperature variations. They are particularly beneficial in systems where durability and chemical resistance are required.


What is a spindle for a cock plug that is used on a water level gauge?

A spindle for a cock plug in a water level gauge functions as a mechanism to control the flow and isolation of fluid within the gauge. It is part of the valve assembly that allows operators to open or close the passage of liquid or gas. This component is crucial for maintaining control over the gauge's operation, particularly during maintenance or emergency shut-off scenarios.


Why are Top & Bottom Stainless Steel End Protector Plates important?

Stainless Steel End Protector Plates are used to safeguard the structural integrity of the gauge mount. Made of 316 stainless steel, these plates are designed to resist corrosion and protect against physical damage, ensuring the long-term durability of the level gauge assembly.


What is the role of a Brass Neck Bush in Water Gauge Mounts?

A Brass Neck Bush is designed to fit within water gauge mounts to provide a secure fitting and enhance the mount's durability. Its primary role is to ensure a stable and reliable connection, reducing wear and leakage around the mount area.


How do Cushion Gaskets benefit Reflex & Transparent Gauge Glasses?

Cushion Gaskets are used to seal between the gauge glass and the gauge body, minimizing the risk of leaks and maintaining the integrity of the measurement system. Available for both reflex and transparent gauge glasses, these gaskets are crucial for maintaining accurate level measurements under varying pressures and temperatures.


What are the applications of MICA Shields in Level Gauges?

MICA Shields are used in transparent level gauges to protect the glass from the effects of steam and boiling water. By forming a protective barrier, the MICA Shields extend the life of the gauge glass and maintain visibility and measurement accuracy.


What is the purpose of a Graphite Gland Ring in Reflex & Transparent Gauge Mounts?

A Graphite Gland Ring is used to ensure a tight seal within reflex and transparent gauge mounts, particularly at the points of high temperature and pressure. Made from pure graphite, it offers excellent sealing capabilities and resistance to heat and corrosive materials.


When is a Stainless Steel Middle Plate used in Gauge Mount Protectors?

A Stainless Steel Middle Plate is utilized in gauge mount protectors that exceed one meter in length. This plate acts as a reinforcing element, providing additional strength and protection to the gauge assembly over long stretches.


Why would a gauge need a Stainless Steel Spindle and Collet or Split Ring?

Spindles and collets or split rings, such as those used with Bonetti and Officine gauge cocks, are integral for connecting and securing various parts of the gauge assembly. These components ensure a secure fit and precise operation, crucial for maintaining the gauge's accuracy and reliability.

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