MICA Shield for Transparent Level Gauges

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Mica shields are used with transparent gauge glass to protect the glass from chemical attack and to provide a higher working pressure for the gauge. The nature of the Mica ensures that there is no visual obstruction through the gauge glass to the water level, even as the temperature of the media increases. The natural structure of the Mica allows for the shields to be strong, flat, flexible, resitant to chemical abbrasions and unbreakable.

Common issues faced with gauge glass on boilers inlcude crystallised deposits forming on the surface of the glass from mineral substances in the boiler water, which can aggressively interact with the surface of the glass. Other factors that can impact the longevity of the lifecycle of the glass is the pH and temperature of the boiler water, erosion and tarnishing of the glass which can lead to reduced thicknesses of glass and ultimately the increased likelyhood of failure of the glass due to mechanical failure (loss of strength).

By using Mica shields with the transparent glass, the service life of the glass can be increased. These Mica shields are to suit a type B transparent glass with a width of 34mm.

Size 3 to 9
Application Mica Shield for Type B Transparent Level Gauges

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