TRASPARENT Glass for level gauges glasses have proved themselves universally where visual process control is essential. A high safety level is secured through the use of borosilicate glass. The borosilicate glass has an high chemical resistance and a low thermal
expansion. The borosilicate glass is thermal pressured (tempered) so that it can resist to the high pressure and temperature. 

Size Number Length Width Thickness
1 115mm 30mm 17mm
2 140mm 30mm 17mm
3 165mm 30mm 17mm
4 190mm 30mm 17mm
5 220mm 30mm 17mm
6 250mm 30mm 17mm
7 280mm 30mm 17mm
8 320mm 30mm 17mm
9 340mm 30mm 17mm

Width 30mm
Wall Thickness 17mm
Length Sizes 3 to 9

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