Fibreglass Ladder Tape

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The Hawelys fiberglass ladder tape comes in lengths of 30 meters and has a Working Temperature of up to 550°C. It is used extensively for insulating pipes, boilers and any other surfaces where it may be required. The ladder in the middle of the tape allows bolts and screws to pass through eliminating the need to punch through normal woven tape. All the ladder tape is 3mm thick.

It is easy to work with having a very small bend radius while providing a very high level of insulation. It is malleable in that it will bend to almost any shape and surface required.

Chemical Composition
SiO2 58,00%
A12O3 12,00%
CaO 17,00%
B2O3 8,00%
MgO 4,50%
Fe2O3 0,5%

Thermal Conductivity
150°C 0,05K col/m H°C
250°C 0,06K col/m H°C
350°C 0,08K col/m H°C

Physical Mechanical Characterisitics
Density 1,00 kg/dm3 (+/-10%)
Traction Strength 345,00 kg/dm3
Elongation 4,80%
Softening Temperature 740°C
Melting Temperature 1010°C

Width 25mm to 75mm
Construction Fiberglass Ladder Tape
Temperature 550°C
Length 30m

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