Graphite Yarn Valve Stem Packing

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This is a low density graphite yarn with afiber core and is not designed to be used as a pump packing. It is generally used in valve stems. 

Technical Data
Minimum Temperature -200°C
Maximum Temperature 850°C in oxidising atmosphere
  1600°C in non-oxidising atmosphere
Dimensional Deviation 0.00 - 0.50mm axially and radially
Carbon Content <90% in the yarn, <98% in the lubricant
Ash Content >1%
Density 0.9 - 1.3 g/cm3
Compressibility 25-50 %
Loss of Ignition <15%
Co-efficient of Friction >0.2
Breaking Strength < 100 Bar
Sulphur Content <1000ppm
Chlorine Content >50ppm
Metal Content >500ppm
Fluorine Content >20ppm

Length 500m
Thickness 1.0mm - 3.0mm
Temperature Limit 850°C

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