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Nitrile Bonded Cork

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TS1028 is a Nitrile / Cork blend suitable for gas applications. This material is designed for use on automotive transmission oil pans. It is a top quality, medium hardness material with maximum oil and solvent resistance as well as good resistance to fuels. It has good flexibility and resilience. It has also been very popular for use on transformers.

Technical Specifications  
Temperature Range Up to 125°C
Stress Range 4.5 to 20 MPa
Compressive Strength Excceds 70 MPa
Density 700 - 900 kg/m³
Hardness (Shore A) 65 (Typical)
Tensile Strength >1.0 MPa
Compressibility at 400 PSI (%) 25 - 40
Fluid Contact Compatibility  
Natural Gas Suitable
Liquid Petroleum Gas Suitable


Thickness 1.5mm - 9.5mm
Temperature Limit -30°C - 125°C
Application  Industrial Services