Borosilicate Gauge Glass 5/8" [15.9mm] O/D x 2.4mm Wall Thickness

Borosilicate Gauge Glass 5/8" [15.9mm] O/D x 2.4mm Wall

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Borosilicate Gauge Glass for use in water level gauges for boilers and other applications. This glass belongs to the pyrex family, where boron trioxide is mixed with silica for the main glass forming constituents. This gives the glass a very low thermal expansion coefficient, making it suitable for applications where thermal resistance is needed (resistance to Thermal Shock). Suitable for temperatures up to 210°C and pressures up to 17 Bar (pressure rating decreases as the temperature of the media increases). The outside diameter is 15.9mm (+/-0.1) which was also commonly know as 5/8" glass in the industry.

If you choose your size range for the desired glass thickness above, you can then select the option to specify your cut length. We will then cut the glass tube to length and beville the ends on our diamond stone for you. If you only know the vessel centers measurement and it is going on our Hawleys BGM Water Gauge Mounts, you will minus 48mm from your vessel centers to arrive at the cut glass length.

A full length of glass uncut is 1600mm.

Gauge Glass Dimensions

OD WT ID Length
15.9mm 2.4mm 11.1mm Up to 1600m

Tolerances of +/-0.1mm

Size 15.9mm (5/8") Outside Diameter
Wall Thickness 2.4mm
Length Up to 1600mm

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