Reflex Gauge Glass Types A & B

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Reflex glass for level gauges have proved themselves universally where visual process control is essential. A high safety level is secured through the use of borosilicate glass, which has a high chemical resistance and a low thermal expansion. The borosilicate glass is thermal pressured (tempered) so that it can resist to the high pressure and temperature. Reflex glass features a set of V-shaped refractive grooves which when in contact with the liquid and steam in the level gauge work to show the liquid level. The light that enters through the glass is absorbed by the liquid and reflected by the steam (air or gas), which is due to the difference in refractive index of the two medias. The liquid filled portion of the glass will appear black, whilst the space occupied by the steam (air or gas) will appear a silvery-white colour. 

Size Number Length Width Type A Width Type B Thickness
0 95mm 30mm 34mm 17mm
1 115mm 30mm 34mm 17mm
2 140mm 30mm 34mm 17mm
3 165mm 30mm 34mm 17mm
4 190mm 30mm 34mm 17mm
5 220mm 30mm 34mm 17mm
6 250mm 30mm 34mm 17mm
7 280mm 30mm 34mm 17mm
8 320mm 30mm 34mm 17mm
9 340mm 30mm 34mm 17mm

Widths 30mm & 34mm
Wall Thickness 17mm
Length Sizes 1 to 9
Types A and B

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