Stainless Steel Air Vent

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The AVS Series of Air Vents are a 316 Stainless Steel valve with Stainless Steel internals and FKM seals & seat. This style of air vent is common on pipework where there is an excess of air on start up or in the process system that needs to be evacuated. The bonnet of this air vent features an adjustable flow control outlet (M6 threaded with 1mm vent hole). An integral strainer is also fitted to the threaded end of the unit, preventing any debris finding its way into the air vent and clogging internals.

Model Size Media Pressure Media Temperature
AVS-04 1/2" 0.1 to 20 Bar -10°C to 180°C
AVS-05 3/4" 0.1 to 20 Bar -10°C to 180°C
AVS-06 1" 0.1 to 20 Bar -10°C to 180°C

Model Size L H D
AVS-04 1/2" 52 88 10
AVS-05 3/4" 52 91 15
AVS-06 1" 52 93 22

All dimensions are in mm unless specified otherwise

Item No. Description Material
1 Cap SS304
2 Gasket FKM
3 Exhaust Column SS304
4 O-Ring FKM
5 Bonnet SS316
6 Sealing Column SS316
7 Balancing Column SS316
Item No. Description Material
8 Gasket FKM
9 Bouncing Slince SS316
10 Float SS316
11 Valve Body SS316
12 Lock Nut SS304
13 Strainer SS304


Size 1/2" to 1" BSPT
Body 316 Stainless Steel
Pressure Range 0.1 to 20 BAR
Temperature -10°C to 180°C