TOPOG-E Boiler Door Gasket

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Topog-E gaskets are moulded from a special rubber composition that will positively stop leakage, which causes corrosion around manholes on steam boilers, water heaters and air tanks.

These are sufficiently resilient to fill any uneven spots on the surfaces and seal openings completely. No seepage or stalactites appear when these gaskets are used. They are also very easy to remove leaving both surfaces clean and requiring comparatively little work to put back in service. Removal requires no chiselling or buffing.

Application conditions
* Maximum Temperature: 193°C
* Typical Steam Pressure: 12 Bar (180 psi)
* Typical Water/Condensate Pressure: 14 Bar ( 200PSI )

Temperature Limit 193°C
Application  Manholes. Steam Boilers, Water Heaters & Air Tanks

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