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Steam Systems

Steam Systems

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Hawleys has a wide range of products suitable for steam systems and the steam industry in general. This includes Gaskets, Lagging, Level Gauges, Steam Traps, Ball Valves, Check Valves, Globe Valves and Pressure Reducing Valves. All of these products are designed to the highest specifications to ensure a long life and reliable performance.



Hawleys has a wide range of gasket material that it can cut on in house CNC facilities that allow it to achieve a very wide range of flange standards and materials. For soft gaskets on steam they are most commonly Tanged Graphite or Expanded PTFE. These have a high temperature tolerance and are widely used. There are also Spiral Wound Gaskets available where required.

Ball Valves

Hawleys has a wide range of manual and actuated ball valves designed for use on steam systems. This includes ball valves in both manual and actuated versions that feature a high temperature seat (50% PTFE & Stainless Steel) which give the valve a much higher operating temperature. All of our three piece ball valves are designed with a higher neck which reduces thermal transfer between the valve and actuator. All are available in threaded and flanged versions.

Globe Valves

Hawleys manufactures a wide range of Globe Valves for use on steam. Globe Valves are commonly used on steam as they allow both an isolation and a throttling function. The metal to metal seat also tolerates a high temperature making it perfect for the steam industry. These include threaded Globe Valves, Flanged Globe Valves and Bellow Sealed Globe Valves. Depending upon the model they are available in Bronze, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel and Cast Steel.

Check Valves

Hawleys has a wide range of check valves designed for use on steam. These include in line check valves, single disc check valves, flanged check valves and wafer check valves. The type of check valve will depend upon the application and user preference. On steam they most commonly feature a metal to metal seat which has a very high temperature tolerance. All metal to metal seats are lapped to ensure the best seal possible.

Pressure Reducing Valves

Hawleys has access to a range of Pressure Reducing Valves that are used in the steam industry. These include threaded and flanged models with different ranges, capacities and turn downs. As a PRV should be sized correctly, if you are unsure Hawleys has a team of experts that can help.

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