Stainless Steel Vacuum Breaker

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304 Stainless Steel Anti-siphon Vacuum Breaker with stainless internals and FKM seals & seat. Vacuum Breakers are used to relieve a vacuum pressure from within a system by allowing atmospheric air to enter. Once the system has returned to positive pressure, the seat seals closing off the system to the atmosphere.

Model Size Media Pressure Media Temperature
VBS-04 1/2" BSPT 0.1 to 20 Bar -10°C to 180°C


Recommended installation for the VBS Vacuum Breaker is for the unit to be in a vertical position.

Model Size H L D
VBS-04 1/2" BSPT 63 36 13.5

Item Description Material
1 Body SS304
2 Disc SS304
3 Valve Seat FKM
4 Guiding Column SS304
5 O-Ring FKM
6 Bonnet SS304

Size 1/2" BSPT
Body 304 Stainless Steel
Pressure Range 0.1 to 20 BAR
Temperature -10°C to 180°C