316 SS Limit Switch Box for Pneumatic Actuator IECEx


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Our hazardous area limit switch box is designed to mount onto the top of pneumatic actuators to give position feedback. Two adjustable SPDT mechanical switches (one for open and one for closed) are wired into a terminal block. It also has termination for a solenoid valve so that a single multiple cable can be used. The solenoid can then be wired through the second conduit entry. The sight dome is colour coded for instant clarification of the valve position. Yellow for open and red for closed. Certificates available upon request.

Enclosure 316 Stainless Steel
O-Rings NBR
Environment IP66
Fasteners Stainless Steel
Shaft Stainless Steel
Conduit Entries Two M20 x 1.5
Terminal Strip Contacts 8
Mounting Bracket MB- 3.4:30 x 80, 130 H:20, 30 carbon steel or 316 SS
Temperature Rating -20°C to 85°C
Operating Voltage Max 15A
Certifications IECEx Cert No. IECEx CQM 12.0047X  (Ex db IIB T4/T6 Gb IP66), NEPSI Cert No. GYB19.2069X (Ex tD A21 IP67 T80°C)

Limit Switch Box for Pneumatic Actuator IECEx

Stainless Steel body limit switch box.
Two M20x1.5 cable entry. High visability dome indicator.
2 x SPDT 15A 125-250vAC Honywell limit switches for Open/Close indication
Ex d IIC T6 IP66. M20x1.5 connection. -20 to+50deg.C IECEx CQM 12.0047

ALS Limit Switch Box Wiring Diagram

Function IECex Limit Switch Box
Switches 2 x SPDT
Body 316 Stainless Steel
IP Rating IP66