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Bronze Temperature Regulator ( Heating )

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The OB-30 Temperature Regulator from Yoshitake are a versatile and compact temperature regular for Steam and Hot Water Applications. The thermal capability of the valve can be adjusted by changing the thermal bulb attached to the valve (thermal bulb connection is common size among all thread sizes). The setting of the initial temperature is then a case of adjusting the top handle until the desired set point is reached. This bronze bodied valve features a Stainless Steel Valve & PTFE seat which offered excellent durability and high sealability. The single valve and balance bellows structure offers stable temperature control without being affected by inlet pressure fluctuations. A range of sensors and thermowells are available to suit this valve.

Application Water | Steam
Type External Pressurized Bellows Temperature Regulator
Max Pressure 10 Bar (17 Bar for water)
Temperature 185°C
Connection BSPT (ISO 7.1)
Max Bulb Pressure 10 Bar
Set Point Range 0~35°C| 25~70°C| 40~100°C| 60~130°C| 70~150°C
Max Temperature for Bulb Upper set point + 40°C
Body Bronze
Valve Disc PTFE
Valve Seat Stainless Steel
Bulb Copper (Nickel Chrome Plated)

Model d L H1 H Weight (kg)
OB-30-04 1/2" 75 130 318.5 2.7
OB-30-05 3/4" 80 130 318.5 2.8
OB-30-06 1" 90 130 318.5 3

Item Description Material
1 Body Bronze
2 Spring Chamber Bronze
3 Disc PTFE
4 Valve Brass
5 Valve Seat Stainless Steel
6 Balance Bellows Phosphor Bronze
7 Spindle Stainless Steel
8 Collar Brass
9 Nut Brass
10 & 11 Guide Brass
12 Spring Alloy Steel
13 Spring Plate Cast Iron
14 Spring Plate Brass
Item Description Material
15 Adjusting Screw Carbon Steel
16 Washer Stainless Steel
17 Handle Resin
18 Screw Steel
19 Washer Steel
20 Bellows Follower Brass
21 Bellows Phosphor Bronze
22 Ring Brass
23 Gasket PTFE
24 Cap Resin
25 Bolt Carbon Steel
26, 27 & 28 Name Plate Stainless Steel
29 Label Polyester


Size 1/2" to 1" BSPT
Body Broze
Pressure Range 0 to 10 BAR
Temperature Various