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Boiler Service

Boiler Service

Products for Boiler Servicing

Hawleys has a large range of products that are used when servicing a boiler. The interval of when a boiler is serviced is different per manufacturer and boiler type, but this is quite often conducted on a quarterly interval. During these services, many items on the boiler are changed out on a schedule. There are also other items in steam systems that will be changed out on an ad hoc basis. Items commonly used during these periods include Gaskets, Lagging, Gauge Mounts, Gauge Mount Consumables, Gland Packings and even some Valves.


Gauge Glass

Gauge Glass is commonly changed out at service intervals on boilers. This is particularly the case for Borosilicate Gauge Glass which forms the clear round level gauge you can view the Water / Steam level on a boiler. This will degrade at different rates depending upon the water quality of the boiler, but it is most often changed out at quarterly services regardless of the condition. Hawleys has this glass available in 3.2mm and 5.5mm wall thicknesses and in any length under 1500mm. Quite often a service technician will hold a few full lengths (1500mm) of this glass on them and cut it to size at the time of the service. Hawleys also has spare Reflex and Transparent Gauge Glass available.

Gauge Mounts

All boilers come with a set of Gauge Mounts on them (usually two sets). Typically these are only serviced at regular intervals and not replaced, however if a complete refurbishment is required or the mounts need to be replaced a new set is purchased. Hawleys Bronze Gauge Mounts are a good choice in these instances as they have a new generation of technology engineered into them, increasing reliability and making servicing easier. If the boiler has higher pressure Gauge Mounts on it (Reflex or Transparent Level Gauges), Hawleys also has its own range available in different materials for this.

Service Items (Spares)

Hawleys has a complete range of spares that are used in boiler services. These include common consumables such as AB12 Graphite Packing Sleeves (as well as other sizes), AB12 Stainless Steel Spindles, Rubber Gauge Cones and Gauge Glass. It also has harder to find parts, such as spindles and split rings to suit a wide range of different gauge mounts as well as packings and glands to suit.

Gland Packings

Hawleys has its own range of Gland Packings manufactured to achieve the highest quality and longest life span for gland seals. These are most commonly in two main options, being PTFE or Graphite. Other materials are available but these two materials have great wear, temperature and media resistance. They are available in 1m lengths or by the roll (typically 8m to a roll). As a service technician it is best to carry around the common sizes to allow for onsite servicing.

Pressure Relief Valves

Hawleys has a range of pressure relief valves suited to the steam and boiler industry. These are not necessarily changed out during service however if one is seen to be damaged or cant hold its set pressure then it may need to be replaced. Hawleys range consists of both Bronze and Stainless Steel pressure relief valves.

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