5 Way 2 Postion Namur Solenoid Valve

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The ENS Series of Solenoid valves are a 5 way 2 position valve with a Namur mounting interface. This makes this valve suitable for direct mounting onto pneumatic acuators (both double acting and spring return models). This solenoid valve comes complete with a fully encapsulated low wattage coil, LED indicator DIN plug (IP65), manual override and is available in all voltages. The ENS series is a solenoid/spring model that requires power to open and springs back to home position once power is removed. Mounting hardware is included for mounting to pneumatic actuator. Threads conform to ISO 7.1 Sealing threads.

Model Port Size Orifice ømm CV Pressure Media Temp Weight Kg Coil specifications
ENS12*5 1/4" BSP 5 1.4 1.5 to 8 BAR 5°C to 80°C 0.5 SC-A1
5.5 Volt Amps
4.8 Watts
Class F Insulation
100% ED

*Voltages available; 12vDC, 24vDC, 24vAC, 110vAC, 240vAC, 415vAC

Namur Solenoid Valve

Item Material
Body Aluminium
Spool Aluminium
Operator Stainless Steel
Seals NBR
Ends POM

Size 1/4" BSP Only
Function 5 way 2 position solenoid/spring namur with manual override
Valve Operation Servo Assisted
Body Aluminium
Seat NBR
Pressure Range 1.5 to 8 BAR
Media Air