40mm Stainless Steel Liquid Filled Rear Entry Pressure Gauge

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40mm Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge with Brass rear entry and internals. This Pressure Gauge is liquid filled with a crimped housing and a polycarbonate window. The dial reads with both Kpa and Psi (dual scale).

Size 40mm
Accuracy =+/- 1.6%
Range Depends upon model
Work Pressure 3/4 of full scale
Fluctuating pressure 2/3 of full scale
Short Time Pressure Full Scale
Operating Temperature -10°C to 60°C
Media Compatible gases and liquids
Housing 304 Stainless Steel Case and crimped ring
Window Polycarbonate
Liquid Filled Glycerine
Bourdon Tube Copper Alloy
Movement Copper Alloy
Connection Copper Alloy
Thread 1/8" BSP
Scale Dual Scale kPa/PSI

Pressure Range 0 kpa to 1000 kpa
Body Stainless Steel
Function Dual Scale Kpa/PSI glycerine filled pressure gauge
Connection 1/8" BSP Rear Entry
Factory Accredited CE, ISO 9001, TUV

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