Premium quality compressed sheets for gaskets made of mineral fibre, aramide and dispersed inorganic loads mixed in a matrix of type NBR rubber. This material has a very good mechanical resistance and an acceptable resistance to steam. This material is suitable for a wide range of industrial services. 

Technical Data
Density 1.70 g/cm3
Compressibility ASTM F-36 7% - 15%
Recovery ASTM F-36 >50%
Transverse Tensile Strength ASTM F-36 A 12MPa
Gas Permeability DIN 3535/6 <1 cm3/min
Thickness Increase ASTM F-146
ASTM oil Nº3 5h 150ºC <8%
ASTM fuel B 5h 20ºC <10%

Sheet Size 1500mm x 1500mm
Thickness 0.8mm - 3.0mm
Temperature Limit 250°C
Application  Industrial Services

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