Engineers' Supplies

High quality engineers' supplies

At Hawleys, we can offer you an unbeatable range of  engineers' supplies. Based in Brisbane, we supply  throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua new Guinea and Fiji. If you’d like more information on any of our products,
or would like to know if we have a re-seller near you,
please get in contact and we will do whatever we can to assist you. 

Engineers' supplies

Montero gasket materials

Montero's  Belpa CSA-90 is our most popular gasket material. It is a premium quality non-asbestos jointing material with compressibility as high as 15% and it is well regarded due to its ease of cutting as well as its excellent sealing properties. If you are not happy with the hard materials you have tried in the past, give CSA90 a try ........ you won’t be disappointed. We can supply it in sheet form, handy rolls or as pre-cut British Standard table or ASA gaskets.

Montero also has many other grades of gasketing such as the carbon fibre CSC-120 , Belpa Acid, Belpamica, Belpaflex for cylinder head and exhaust manifold gaskets, Belpagraf re-enforced graphite, Belpaflon expanded PTFE and our new economy grade CSA-45. Go to our Agency Links page for a link to Montero or go to our Product Brochures page for a copy of their brochure.

Montero gland packings

As well as their gasket material, we also stock a vast range of Montero's gland packing styles in sizes from 3mm to 32mm. From inexpensive styles for low pressure applications up to high temperature graphite styles capable of handling up to 700degC, we have just about every application covered. All styles are conveniently packaged in 8m boxes. 

Omniafibre oil jointing papers

As Australian agents for Omniafibre, we offer their range of beater process oil jointing papers for general industrial and automotive use. We also offer their range of filter papers for industries such as the wine industry. One of the major manufacturers in the world, Omniafibre is situated in Italy, where they have two production facilities. 

Specifically designed and packaged for our resellers. Gasket material Handy Rolls are ideal for customers who do not need a full sheet. They are available in the most popular styles and sizes and are easily and effectively displayed in a reseller’s        shop-front featuring new, improved packaging.

Our Handy Packs of gland packing are available in the most popular styles and sizes and are ideal for retailing. They come in
re-sealable plastic bags and have basic fitting instructions and usage guidelines on the insert.

If you would like to carry these products in your store, please give us a call. The Handy Rolls and Handy Packs can also be packaged with your company name, logo and contact details if the quantity is sufficient.

Bonetti level gauges and valves

Bonetti manufactures a wide range of liquid level gauges comprising thru-vision, reflex, bi-colour and magnetic gauges to suit a wide variety of service conditions. They also manufacture illuminators for these gauges including their new slim line LED illuminators. We stock all popular sizes of reflex and thru-vision glasses as well as the gaskets and micas.

Bonetti piston valves are very popular for steam services due to their unique design features wherein they aren’t bottom seating and they also make a wide range of other high temperature valves.

Mala boiler mounts, boiler fittings and valves

Mala sleeve packed boiler mounts are manufactured to meet AS1271-1997. They are available with screwed or flanged vessel connections and can be set up to take 1/2", 5/8" or most commonly 3/4" gauge glass. We can also supply plate glass protectors to suit your vessel centres.

We also stock a comprehensive range of Mala's boiler fittings and valves, such as check valves, stop valves, safety valves, blow-off valves, fusible plugs, Y strainers, sight glasses and steam traps.

Other engineering products

Amorim rubber/cork sheeting
Brady safety and identification products
BRM specialty diesel brushes
Ciclo gasket cutters
Denso tapes
Devcon products
Esco pipe end prep tools
Fein high end power tools
Flexhone cylinder hones and Flexhone oil
Garco packing cutters and packing extractors
Goodway tube cleaners and tube brushes
Knights pneumatics desiccant air dryers
Krais tube expanders and rolling motors
Molybond products
PTFE threadseal tape and expanded PTFE sealing tape
Rocol products
Rubber sheeting such as insertion rubber, nitrile, neoprene and viton
Spiral wound gaskets
Straub pipe couplings
Topog-E rubber handhole and manhole gaskets for boilers
Vesconite thermoplastic bushing stock, sheet and pre-machined bushes

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